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The Quest For Finding A Functioning RAW Torrent Of Mahou Tsukai Sally


Over the last couple of days, I was digging and digging for an actual working torrent of the whole anime of Mahou Tsukai Sally.

An answer was finally encountered, however I am still, as I write this, downloading said torrent files (currently stuck at 96.98%).  Despite of the current state though, it’s the first torrent of this anime that has reached so far into completion, so I’m not planning on stopping now, since it did progress a lot while I left it running whilst I was laboring .

Without further ado, this is the torrent in question.  The more seeders there are for this, the better.

[Simu] Mahou Tsukai Sally (魔法使いサリー)

Welcome Post

Welcome to my Blog!

Well, as my first post here, I would like to welcome everyone that’s currently reading this to here.  In this blog, depending on how often I use it (I will try to make use of it sometimes), I will share mostly on the topic of just general anime talk, mostly aimed at older anime series and topics involving their creation, graphics and just have fun discussing about the subject in general.

I might also discuss about anime series and manga I partake in and include concerns I have about them, if any.  Expect for me to also make pictures tributes in name of series, and also document handy resources and, probably, pain in the ass to find links to some anime and manga that can be harder to track than usual.

Feel free to friend me on MyAnimeList and also to follow me on Twitter.

Hope you enjoy this blog!