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My Dragon Ball Marathon

Lately, I have partaken in watching Dragon Ball entirely from scratch.  I first read the whole manga (excluding Super which I will read after watching that from the anime which isn’t covered in the manga).


I remember that I have watched the anime, part of it, when I was younger.  I can also recall the countless of times I would play the video games based on the series and when I used to collect those trading cards.  Those were all good times that passed to be interesting memories for me.

Well, so far I can comment that the Dragon Ball original series really gives me the vibes I tend to like in anime so far, without the whole just focusing on Shounen aspect that some series somehow seem to stress too much on when presenting these type of plots.  Having said that, I can also see how many would seem to be rather displeased of later development of the series.  I do not necessarily dislike that particular aspect, so far, as I have only read the manga and will have to further comment on my perspective on that as I go further into the series.

On another hand, yes I do recall watching some episodes from later development of the anime, but, quite honestly, I feel I cannot say anything on that until I actually watch the series throughout, especially since the last time I watched those episodes were when I was very young and my memory is really not the best of them all.

Screenshot (3803)

Well, let’s see how it keeps going along as I keep going through each episode.  The funny aspect is that I get excited currently while I already know what is going to happen because I read the manga, but I know I’m loving it.  Seeing Goku grow yet again on a screen is just as exciting as when reading it, along with his quite unique interactions.